If the athlete is included in the RTP, he / she must provide up-to-date and accurate information about where he is located, including:


•Home Address.

• Training schedule and training venue.

 • Table of competition.

 • Regular personal activities such as work or school.


In addition, the player must determine where he is located within (the 60 minute window), where he is available daily, for the purpose of the sudden examination at this time. The absence of the athlete at the specified place during this hour (the window of sixty minutes) is an absence from the examination. If the player is not in the test group, he may be asked to provide his whereabouts.




Facilitate the responsibilities of providing location information through the Adams program


As an athlete, you can update your information through ADAMS, an anti-doping information management system that enables you to access useful information and resources.


 Players who are asked to provide information where they are:


Players registered as national or international players who are part of the test group are required to provide such information to the Jordanian Anti-Doping Organization. A player of the International Federation who is a member of the Tested Group of the International Federation shall submit its information to that Federation. The player at the national level who is part of the test group provides his information to the Jordanian Anti-Doping Organization.


Failure to provide and not update location information:

Failure to provide the player with information as required may be considered a violation of anti-doping rules which may lead to penalties for the player and deprive him of sports participation.