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Jordan anti-doping organization holds training for coaches in Jordan national federations

Jordan anti-doping organization holds training for coaches in Jordan national federations


Yesterday, Saturday 19th of May, JADO conducted training for the coaches of the national teams where 19 coaches representing 9 national federations attended.

The training, which was concluded on the same day, included lectures given by Prof. Kamal Al Hadidi; president of JADO, Dr. Arabi Hammoudeh; dean of physical education faculty in Jordan University, and Dr. Waleed Rahahleh; a professor at the physical education faculty in Jordan University.

Prof. Hadidi talked to the participants about the “whereabouts” program that commits the athletes to provide JADO with the information about their whereabouts every 3 months.

He also explained how to use a TUE, where it allows athlete to be treated with a prohibited substance only if needed and after studying the case by a specialized medical committee and granting an exemption.

Dr. Arabi Hammoudeh talked about the adverse effects of doping on athletes, where Dr. Waleed talked about the rule of JOC in the fight against doping among athletes.

The 9 national federations represented by: Rateb Al Damin (billiardo and snooker federation), Nawras Qasem, Mohammad Qatarneh and Mohammad Khalayleh (Shooting), Yaser Abu Safyeh and Mohammad Al Khateeb (Kick Boxing), Mohammad Rida Thahabi, Ali Jaberi, and Faraj Al Khawaldeh (Power lifting), Ghazal Hashim (Ping Pong), Dr. Mohammad Abu Tayeb and Ahmad Al Momani (Paralympic), Sulaiman Al Saudi and Tawfiq Al Sadi (Judo), Ibrahim Abu Alwan, Ahmad Abu Baker, and Fadi Sabat (Basketball), Ala’a Al Buni (Cycling), Musa Awad (Football).

Meanwhile, Prof. Hadidi announced that JADO will hold an educational lecture on the upcoming 9th of June targeting athletes of the national teams to educate them about the harmful effect of doping on their health and the means and method used in the fight against doping.

On the other hand, he exposed that JADO is willing to communicate with some countries with extended experience in the field of Anti-Doping to get technical help to start Anti-Doping blood testing for Jordanian athletes.


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