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Signing of a cooperation agreement Between Jordan anti doping Organization(JADO) And Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

The cooperation agreement signed on Tuesday 8/10/2013 between JADO and DEA at the JOC in the presence of His Excellency the Secretary General Ms. Lana Jaghbir , which aims to promote cooperation between the two parties culmination of the efforts of JADO to protect Jordanians athletes and to meet Jordan 's commitment to ratify the international Convention on anti-Doping Agency .
The agreement was signed by President of JADO Dr. Kamal Al Hadidi and the DEA director Colonel / Sami Al hmissat .
Dr hadidi confirm on the importance of cooperation between the two sides in order to serve their goals in reducing the spread of doping and drug abuse among young people of Jordan and the reduction of entry of these pests across the Jordanian border and to increase awareness and education in these areas through the holding of joint workshops between the two sides and the holding of seminars and lectures that contribute to the growth and development of a generation of young Jordanian aware of damage and risks of steroids on public health. These include the Convention to take advantage of the information on the presence of an anabolic steroid in Jordan , which is considered contraband proven harm and work to combat and prevent the circulation in the community.

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