What is Jordan Anti-Doping organization JADO?
It’s the local organization responsible for maintain values ​​on the local and national level by adoption and implementation of anti-doping rules, direct the collection of samples, manage test results (results management) and conducting investigations.

What is WADA?
THE WORLD ANTI DOPING AGENCY (WADA) is the international independent organization responsible for promoting, coordinating, and monitoring the fight against doping in sport in all its forms.

WADA works towards a vision of the world that values and fosters doping free sport.

  What is the world anti doping Code?

The Code is the document that harmonizes regulations regarding anti doping  in sport across all sports and all countries of the world.  the Code provides framework for  anti-doping policies, rules, and regulations for sport organizations and public authorities so that there may be a level playing field for all athletes worldwide.

What is the list?

The list of prohibited substances and methods (LIST), is the international standard that designates what is the prohibited in- and out – of competition. The list also indicates whether particular substances are banned in particular sports. The list is updated annually, and the most current edition is posted on WADA’s website at  

The World Anti-Doping Program
The World Anti-Doping Program encompasses all of the elements needed in order to ensure optimal harmonization and best practice in international and national anti-doping programs.
Event: An Event where the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympics Committee, an International Federation, a Major Event Organization, or another international sport organization is the ruling body for the Event or appoints the technical officials for the Event.
International Standard: A standard adopted by WADA in support of the Code.
Compliance with an International Standard (as opposed to another alternative standard, practice or procedure) shall be sufficient to conclude that the procedures addressed by the International Standard were performed properly. International Standards shall include any Technical Documents issued pursuant to the International Standard.
Minor: A natural Person who has not reached the age of majority as established by the applicable laws of his or her country of residence.

Doping Control Station:   The location where the Sample Collection Session will be conducted.     
Sample Collection Personnel: A collective term for qualified officials authorized by the ADO who may carry out or assist with duties during the Sample Collection Session. 
Sample Collection Session: All of the sequential activities that directly involve the Athlete from notification until the Athlete leave the Doping Control Station after having provided his/her Sample/s.

Requirements for notification of Athletes

5.4.1 When initial contact is made, the ADO, DCO or Chaperone, as applicable, shall ensure that the Athlete and/or a third party (if required in accordance with Clause 5.3.8) is informed:

a) That the Athlete is required to undergo a Sample collection;

b) Of the authority under which the Sample collection is to be conducted;

c) Of the type of Sample collection and any conditions that need to be adhered to prior to the Sample collection;

d) Of the Athlete’s rights, including the right to:

  1-   Have a representative and if available, an interpreter;

 2-    Ask for additional information about the Sample collection process; 
3-      Request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station for valid reasons; and
 4-     Request modifications as provided for in Annex B – Modifications for Athletes with      disabilities.

  e) Of the Athlete’s responsibilities, including the requirement to:

 1-    Remain within direct observation of the DCO/Chaperone at all times from the point of notification by the DCO/Chaperone until the completion of the Sample collection procedure;

2- Produce identification in accordance with Clause 5.3.4;
3- Comply with Sample collection procedures (and the Athlete should be advised of the possible consequences of Failure to Comply); and 
4-   Report immediately for a test, unless there are valid reasons for a delay, as determined in accordance with Clause 5.4.4. 
f)  Of the location of the Doping Control Station. 
g)  That should the Athlete choose to consume food or fluids prior to providing a Sample, he/she does so at his/her own risk, and should in any event avoid excessive rehydration, having in mind the requirement to produce a Sample with a Suitable Specific Gravity for Analysis.

  h) That the Sample provided by the Athlete to the Sample Collection Personnel should be the first urine passed by the Athlete subsequent to notification, i.e., he/she should not pass urine in the shower or otherwise prior to providing a Sample to the Sample Collection Personnel.


Our Vision

Jordan Anti- Doping organization (JADO) applies a management system that covers all the aspects of its operations that includes testing procedures that are being offered by the organization in addition

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General Information

It’s the local organization responsible for maintain values ​​on the local and national level by adoption and implementation of anti-doping rules, direct the collection of samples,

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Waado : West Asia anti- Doping Organization

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