Athlete name Sport federation  Sanction 
 Taha Areeda Body building  Four years 
 Dia'a Hamdan Body building   Four years  
 Mosa'b Al-Sha'lan Body building   Four years  
 Ma'en Abu Aqoula Body building   Two years  
 Huthaifa Ismail Body building   One year and a half 
 Zaid Qadous Body building   Two years  
 Hasan Dassouqy Body building   Two years  
 Ahmad Mustafa Weight lifting  Two years  

Our Vision

Jordan Anti- Doping organization (JADO) applies a management system that covers all the aspects of its operations that includes testing procedures that are being offered by the organization in addition

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General Information

It’s the local organization responsible for maintain values ​​on the local and national level by adoption and implementation of anti-doping rules, direct the collection of samples,

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Waado : West Asia anti- Doping Organization

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