Whereabouts Information:

An effective out-of-competition testing program depends largely on accurate and updated whereabouts information. 

Athletes who have been nominated by JADO to include into the JADO Registered Testing Pool (RTP) are required to provide accurate and updated Whereabouts Information to ensure they can be tested at anytime and anywhere with no advance notice. 

Athletes in the RTP may incur anti-doping rule violations and subsequent sanctions, if they do not provide accurate and updated whereabouts information.

Athletes in the TDP who do not provide updated and accurate whereabouts information may be included in the JADO RTP.

Athletes must continue to file whereabouts information until:

JADO gives written notice to athletes of their removal from its RTP or TDP; or Athletes give written notice to JADO and their NF of their retirement from sport. International Federations also have their own RTP for international-level athletes.


Whereabouts Information: 

1.Correspondence Details:

RTP and DTP athletes must provide a complete mailing address and a valid email address where correspondences may be sent to the athlete for formal notice purposes.

 2. Competition Schedule:

RTP and DTP athletes must provide details of their competition schedule for the following quarter, including the name and address of each location where the Athlete scheduled to compete, and the dates on which he/she scheduled to compete.

If an athlete exits a competition earlier or later than expected, they must update their whereabouts immediately.

3.Training Schedule:

RTP and DTP athletes must provide details of their training schedule, including training camps. Details should include exact dates, times and the name and address of each training venue. Updates are to be made immediately when their training schedules change.

 4.Other Regular Activities:

On days where there are no training or competition, RTP and TDP athletes are required to provide details of other regular activities, such as work or school, rehab or physio session, including the dates, times and the name and address of each location of such activities. Updates are to be made immediately when details of such regular activities change.

 5. Daily Overnight Residence:

All RTP athletes must provide a complete address of the place where they are staying overnight, e.g. home, temporary lodgings, hotel, etc. The information should be updated immediately if there are changes.

 6.Daily 60-minute Slot:

All RTP athletes must enter one specific 60-minute slot each day at a specified location between 5 am and 11 pm where they will be available for testing. The Athlete must provide sufficient information to enable the Doping Control Officer to find the location, to gain access to the location, and to find the athlete at the location.

This information must be accurate and updated at all times. The athlete is liable for a Missed Test if the athlete cannot be located at the venue specified for the 60-minute slot. The athlete is expected to remain at this specified location for the entire 60-minute period.

 7.Travel Information:

All RTP athletes must provide their details of their travel plans if they have all-day travel plans that prevent them from entering an accessible 60-minute time slot or an all-night travel plan that would prevent them from entering a fixed and accessible overnight accommodation entry.